Junior Equipment Guide

Junior Equipment Guide

We are always asked about the equipment that is required for hardball cricket in particular for colts cricketers. We have put together a useful guide below that can help parents to buy the correct items. 

Safety is of paramount importance when supervising children's cricket, and we take this very seriously at our club. We will not allow children to take part in our activities if we feel that their equipment is inappropriate.

Too often we see children with equipment that is of poor quality, too big and too heavy. The wrong equipment has a very detrimental effect on developing cricketers. This guide can help you in selecting the appropriate equipment for your child.

You should also take a moment to read the helmet advice document. The ECB recently changed it's guidelines for helmets and the relevant British standard to a newly updated specification. Too often we see children with poorly fitting or unsafe helmets. Your child only has one head, it's worth protecting properly.

Please view the documents below

HCC Junior Cricket Equipment Guide.pdf

Helmet Advice.pdf