Harrow Cricket Club News story

Updated information on membership renewals

22 Mar 2020

Membership Renewals

As today was the deadline for renewing your membership. Here is some important information. For the time being we will not take on any new members (ie those that were not members in the 2019 season or 2019-20 winter programme). All existing members from last season or this winter, will get a chance to renew their membership first - as soon as we know if or when the season will begin. So, for the time being you don't need to do anything. It's better to wait until we know how the COVID-19 situation develops over the coming weeks.

For those that have already renewed their membership, thank you. We will take a decision on what to do once we know if or when the season will start. This is a fast changing situation so we can't take any other firm decisions for the time being.

Finally, we would like to remind you all that the club is closed at present, this includes access to our nets - please do not visit the ground. In the last few days we have seen people use the nets. Please refrain from doing this, and ensure your children are also informed about this, often it is the older teenagers who turn up with friends. Make sure everyone knows that the club is off limits for the time being. More information will follow as and when we have something to update.

Everyone please follow the government advice and stay at home. Stay safe.