Winter Training

Winter Training

We run one of the most comprehensive junior cricket winter training programmes in Middlesex, with 150 children training during the winter in ten separate ability based groups. All coaching is carried out by qualified ECB Level 2 or Level 3 coaches.

U6-U10 Softball Programme
U6, U7, U8 at Orley Farm School, South Hill Ave, Harrow, HA1 3NU
U9, U10 at William Perkin High School, Oldfield Lane North, Greenford, UB6 8PR

This is for colts between 6 years old and 10 years old. It is suitable for beginners and for those that have been playing for a year or more and have demonstrated an ability to progress to the next level.

U10-U17 Hardball Programme
William Perkin High School, Oldfield Lane North, Greenford, UB6 8PR

During the winter we do a lot of our detailed technical work with these colts players. The key to a successful summer season is to do this more personalised type preparatory work in the winter. In particular we focus on the fundamentals of bowlers "completing" their bowling actions properly, and working on awareness of how to spot a batsman's weakness. For batsman we focus on developing a 360 degree range of shots off both the front and back foot. We have a group size limit for each session so that we can spend quality time improving each and every player. Fielding is also a fundamental part of these sessions where we focus on agility and scenarios that have practical game based applications. The 20 week programme allows us to build each players skill set by working meticulously on each players strengths and weaknesses.

If you are unsure of your child's age group please view the age qualification document here:  Colts Age Qualification 2018.pdf

Winter Training Schedule 2017-18

Venue & Day Age Group  Group Name  Ability Level  Time  Pre Xmas 10 Weeks  Post Xmas 10 Weeks 
OFS Tuesdays U6-U8  OFS1  Beginner  18:00-19:00  3rd Oct to 5th Dec  16th Jan to 20th Mar
OFS Wednesdays U6-U8  OFS2  Beginner  18:00-19:00  4th Oct to 6th Dec  17th Jan to 21st Mar 

William Perkin High

U8-U9 WPH1 Beginner 09:00-10:00

1st Oct to 17th Dec
(excludes 3rd & 10th Dec)

14th Jan to 25th Mar
(excludes Sun 18th Mar)

U9 WPH2 Intermediate 10:00-11:30
U10 WPH3 Advanced 11:30-13:00
U10-U12 WPH4 Beginner 13:00-14:30
U11-U13 WPH5  Intermediate  14:30-16:00 
U14-U17  WPH6  Intermediate  16:00-17:30 
U14-U17  WPH7  Advanced  17:30-19:00 
William Perkin High
U11-U13 WPH8 Advanced 18:00-19:30 5th Oct to 23rd Nov
11th Jan to 12th Apr
(excludes 22nd Mar)

OFS1 & OFS2 (U6, U7, U8)
Beginner softball programme where children are introduced to cricket, for most it will be their first experience of being coached.

WPH1 (U9)
For players who are new to cricket and/or just want to enjoy learning the game in a non-competitive environment. Softballs only.

WPH2 (U9)
For players with a more advanced experience of playing cricket and are ready to transition to using a hardball. Soft, composite and hardballs used.

WPH3 (U10)
For players who have shown progression to playing with a hardball over the last 12 months and will be playing U10 or U11 hardball cricket in 2018. Composite and hardballs used.

WPH4 (U10, U11, U12)
For players who are still transitioning to playing comfortably with a hardball but who we'd like to see playing some form of hardball cricket in 2018. Soft, composite and hardballs used.

WPH5 (U11, U12, U13)
For players who have at least two seasons of experience playing hardball cricket, including playing matches.

WPH6 (U14, U15, U17)
For players who have at least three seasons of experience playing hardball cricket including playing matches. 

WPH7 (U14, U15, U17)
For players who have played exclusively at ‘A’ team level for at least the three previous seasons.

WPH8 (U11, U12, U13)
For players who have played exclusively at ‘A’ team level for at least the two previous seasons.

Winter Programme Enquiries
If you are interested in our winter programme for your child, please complete the online new player enquiry form at the link below, then someone from our colts team will contact you:

New Player Enquiry Form (Colts) 

Visit our Junior Cricket section
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Adult Winter Training (Sundays)

Sundays, February & March
Exact dates, times and location to be advised.

If you are an adult cricketer interested in joining us for winter training please fill in our online new player enquiry form and someone from the club will contact you.

New Player Enquiry Form (Adult)

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