Weather Cancellation Procedures

Cancellation Procedures
Cancellation Procedures

Ground Condition & Cancellation Procedures

Sometimes due to heavy rain either in the days leading up to a training session or match, or on the day itself, we have to cancel the session or match. There are two aspects we have to consider. The state of the pitch that has been prepared and the state of the outfield. Are they both fit for play?

A fit for purpose pitch is one that has been cut & rolled properly and will not disintegrate into divots when the ball lands on it. For the outfield we have a very simple test for when an outfield is unfit for play - if you can hear the water (squelching) under foot then it's unfit for cricket. 

How We Cancel Training Sessions

A cancellation of a training session is always informed by a notice in the news ticker at the top of the homepage. If there is no cancellation notice in the news ticker then assume the session is going ahead as planned. If it's cancelled the notice will go up no later than 45 minutes before the session is due to start. When the weather has been unpredictable, always check the main homepage of this site before leaving your home to come to the ground. Please do not text, email or phone the coaches - depending on the day it might be a different coach that has been tasked with inspecting the conditions.

How We Cancel Matches
How We Cancel Matches

For match cancellations, the playing XI selected for that match receive a text directly to their phone. Unless you receive such a text at least one hour before the meet time of the match, always assume the match is on.

For all cancellations an official from the club (colts coach, team manager, club secretary, or cricket chairman) will have been to the ground and made an inspection, as late as possible, and with the assistance of the groundsman. In all cases, the groundsman's decision is the most important and final one. The only exception to this rule is Saturday 1st XI league matches where we have to wait for the appointed league umpires to arrive - they are the ones that have to inspect and only they can call a match off.


All cancellation notifications - sessions and matches - also appear on our twitter feed. If you have a twitter account, you can follow us and set it to alert you. Our twitter handle is: @harrowcc