Playing Membership  
 Boys (13 Weeks)
 Boys (10 Weeks)
 Student (A Levels & above)        £90
 Girls  £100
 Social Membership   Fee
 Family    £30

Sibling discounts for second or third child can apply depending on the programme (13 or 10 weeks, boys or girls). 

All junior playing memberships include complimentary non-voting family social membership for parents & non-playing siblings.

Membership Enquiries
If you are interested in joining us, please complete the appropriate online enquiry form below and we will contact you.

Playing Membership - Online Enquiry Forms

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Womens Enquiry Form

Policies & Codes of Conduct

HCC Members Charter.pdf

HCC Safeguarding Policies.pdf

HCC Men's Cricket Selection Policy.pdf

HCC Code of Conduct.pdf

HCC Equality Policy.pdf

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